Frequently Asked Questions

  • I Have No Distributor Contacts And I Would Like To Purchase Products From Your Website For My Own Use But I Don't Have Account. How Do I Set One Up?

    At this time we are not selling direct to the end users in a public platform. Please go to the help menu and click the “Connect With A Distributor Option”. You will be put in contact with a distributor that best relates to the information you provide.

  • With So Many Products, How Do I Find What I'm Looking For?

    There are 3 options to search our products and find the right tape or label for your requirements. Each feature is unique to user preference and offers a simplistic approach to finding the right product for your application.

    1. SEARCH BAR. Using the search icon in the upper right section of the page will open a search bar where you can type the key words for your requirements. The more specific the key words will  narrow the search.  For example: Entering “FRAGILE” in the search bar will generate over 100 results and show every possible label with the word Fragile on it. How ever  If you enter ” FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE” those results will be narrowed down to around 50 results. This search is recommended to be used when you know exactly what you are looking for.
    2. FILTER SEARCH. Using the search by filter feature from “The Products We Offer”  page will allow the user to narrow down your search by selecting from  specific product attributes to support your search thus narrowing down and eliminating items not related to your requirements.
    3. CATEGORY SEARCH. Using this  approach to searching will aid the user that has a general idea what they require by listing the items in specific related categories. It is also a recommended layout that gives  all users a better idea of other products offered that they may otherwise not have known previously.


  • What if I Can't find The Tape or Label For my Requirements?

    Using the custom printed label and tape Categories, Fill in or download the provided form requirements and submit your details. Your sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How Do I find My Pricing?

    In order to view pricing, you must be logged in as one of our registered and approved distributors.

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